Admin Council for 2019

Admin Council for 2019
Levi Burrell, Chair
Terry Ramsey, Lay Leader
Rita Lovett, Recording Secretary
Karen Ramsey, Finance Secretary
Beth Sawyer, Treasurer
SPR Chair, (To Be Elected)
Tim Ogden, Membership Secretary
Trustee Chair, (To Be Elected)
Meghan Burrell, Campus Ministry Rep
Marcia Hall, Camp and Retreat Rep
Evelyn Hughes, Finance Chair
Mikki Parker, Vice-Chair of Nominations
John Gibson, Memorial Fund Overseer
Chari Burrell. Kid’s Korner Coordinator
Jeff Sirmons/ Mandy Cotney/Zackary Marsh, 
CLUMC Youth Coordinators
Ellen Wylie, FL UMC Children’s Home
Sue Harsanyi, 2nd Blessing Thrift Store

SPR Committee for 2019
Rev. Carl Ricks
Corene Brammer
Dorothy Tanner
Sandy Norris
Zackary Marsh
Duane Parker
Jane Christine
Pat Smith