Ladies Evening Fellowship
Monday, May 6th
Perkins Restaurant
Monday instead of Tuesday this month so we can get the free slice of pie with dinner!

Birthday Club
Friday, May 6th
Lunch at 11:30 am
Reesecliff Restaurant
South Florida Avenue

We meet once a month to celebrate the birthdays in our group. We bring a birthday card with $1 enclosed to each member having a birthday in that month. Rita keeps the list of birthdays for each month. Call the church office for more information.

Ladies in Action
Thursday, May 26th
10:30 am

Women’s Center Outreach Project
Supplies are needed by May 25th
Needed: Hand sanitizer/Handi wipes; Soap (small size) and Wash cloth; small shampoo; deodorant (small size); Toothbrush and toothpaste (small size); Tampons and Panty Liners; Small Stuffed Animals; Small Toys; Children’s Books; Toddler Underwear (Boys and Girls); Laundry soap; Bleach; Dish Soap; Paper Towels; Toilet Paper; Tissues; Small Games; 409; Lysol Spray
Please bring items to church by May 25th