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1. Logon to http://www.youtube.com via an Ipad, Kindle, Smart TV, mobile phone or computer
2. Click in the search icon and type: clumcinlakeland
3. Hit enter
This should take you to our channel and you can watch any of our prerecorded content.

Church Service-10:30am and
Adult Sunday School-9:00am
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Pastor Terry Knight

Crystal Lake United Methodist Church
Welcomes Our New Pastor
Terry Knight

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His Face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May the Lord lift His countenance upon you, and give you His Peace.

Even though we have been celebrating the birth of our Lord, this last month has been a time of trial and a time of confusion. This is a reflection of the time when Jesus was born some 2020 years ago. Christ was born into a time of confusion and war and powerlessness and fear. Yet we have the assurance that God came down and Glory shone around through this birth. Now today, God continues to come down and glory shines around.

We, as CLUMC, will be studying the Gospel of Luke for the next 4 months from Epiphany through Easter. Our Sunday worship services will be centered on this Gospel. In addition, the youth and children will be studying the same scriptures. As adults, I would like us to move deeply into the Gospel. One way to study scriptures as a means of grace, is to read a chapter several times during the week. It helps to read the chapter in several different translations and to read it aloud. We can ask questions as we read. One question I will be asking is “What does this passage say to us as the body of Christ? What is the context of these words when they were written? What do they say to us in our world? How does this passage renew our minds and transform us so that we may discern the will of God?”

Our schedule for this study for Epiphany through Transfiguration Sunday is as follows

Sunday, January 17th. Luke Chapters 3 & 4
Sunday, January 24th. Luke Chapter 5
Sunday, January 31st. Luke Chapter 6
Sunday, February 7th. Luke Chapter 7
Sunday, February 14th. Luke Chapters 8 & 9