Sunday Service @ 10:30 AM Logon to CLUMCinLakeland YouTube Channel
for our church

1. Logon to http://www.youtube.com via an Ipad, Kindle, Smart TV, mobile phone or computer
2. Click in the search icon and type: clumcinlakeland
3. Hit enter
This should take you to our channel and you can watch any of our prerecorded content.

Important Announcements:
Poinsettias for Sanctuary: You may purchase a Poinsettia for the church sanctuary “In Memory Of” or “In Honor Of” a loved one. Poinsettias are $8 each. Please fill out the information card, along with the $8, and place them in the envelope available in the church bulletin on Sunday, December 6th. This is the deadline for purchasing. All who donate poinsettias may take them home after our Christmas Eve Worship Service.

Christmas and Holiday Cards Mailbox at Church: We are making it a bit easier to pass out Christmas and Holiday cards and save you the price of stamps. Due to COVID 19 we are doing it differently this year. We will have a Christmas Mailbox with one big slot. Tim (after putting on gloves!) will sort them into Family Groups and distribute them each week. We may need help with distribution so please see Tim to see if help is needed.
Our Christmas Mailbox will be ready to begin on Sunday, December 6th and will end on the Sunday of Epiphany. So save the stamp and bring them to Church over the rest of the Holiday Season. We have the best reason to share the Joy of this Season and it is Jesus!

Pastor Terry Knight

Crystal Lake United Methodist Church
Welcomes Our New Pastor
Terry Knight

Brighten the Corner where you are…………..

I do not know about you, but time is out of whack for me. The Christmas decorations are not out, a much needed cleaning session that is to come before Thanksgiving – no way, that did not happen. I have trouble keeping track of time anyway and in this weird time of COVID, I am not keeping up. Tim needed this message last week for the newsletter and I am writing it on Tuesday, December 1.

The Jewish festivals listed in the Old testament and especially in the Book of John were times of worship and celebration of God’s presence in the people’s lives. They were also markers of time and reminders of those who had gone before – ancestors and grandparents – and those who would follow – children and grandchildren. Reminders that the work of the people of God is to be faithful and to tell of the works of God.

This is the purpose of our festivals – of our markings of our year – To Celebrate and to remember the stories of Jesus and become the Body of Christ.

ADVENT – We are waiting not just on the babe but also for the return.
CHRISTMAS – The Birth of our Lord
EPIPHANY – The Baptism of our Lord – The Revelation/Transformation
LENT – Preparation – once again telling the stories of our Lord
EASTER – He is Risen!
PENTECOST – The church is formed and filled with the fire of God and lives in the world.

I have just finished five months as your pastor, learning to preach to a congregation that is scattered and masked. I have learned to preach to a camera. Now we are moving into Christmas – a time of reflection and joy. This year, as we come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus while physically separated with masks and distance, we offer praise and thanksgiving for the Good News that God is here. His presence fills us, fills the distances, and connects us with each other.

In the Name of Jesus Christ,
Pastor Terry Knight