Saturday, January 11th at 1PM
Overflow Room
Calendar Events Planning for 2020

Pastor Katie Sirmons


Welcome to
Crystal Lake
United M
ethodist Church

Brighten the Corner where you are…”

Many people take the new year as an opportunity to start over, or at least to start fresh. It’s a time where we can slough off our old ways and reform the things that need changing. But what ends up happening often is that the change is temporary. Old habits creep back in. After the excitement and hopeful expectation wears a little bit thin, it becomes easier and easier to forget the promises we made to ourselves.

Transformation happens in discipline. And discipline is what gets us through when the fun and the glamour of something new wears off. It’s what gets us through the tedious and even painful parts of change.

There are many ways to incorporate discipline into our lives and indeed our Christian faith. One way is to have an accountability partner. Someone you can trust to hold you accountable to the things you want to change. Someone who will ask you hard questions and be a support. This person need not be a best friend, but someone you trust.

For the new year ahead, I challenge you to find someone who will help you grow as a Christian in whatever ways you can.

January has lots of meetings starting up again. If you are not sure whether you are on a committee this year, please refer to the office as we have the current list from the charge conference.

Blessings to you,
Pastor Katie