Easter Sunday – April 12th
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All Church Events Canceled until May 3rd due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus 

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Pastor Katie Sirmons


Crystal Lake
United Methodist Church

Brighten the Corner where you are…

Wow! My goodness- The beginning of the month of March looked a lot different than the end. As we move into April, there are many things that we thought our life would look like that have changed since then.
I want to say, first of all, that I miss each and every one of you dearly. This maternity leave – come-quarantine has reminded me that you are all so precious to me, and not physically seeing you, giving you hugs, has been challenging. I imagine that you have also been challenged in this way, and many more, by the COVID-19 spread.
For all of you affected by this epidemic, whether it be financial, vocational, mentally or physically, you are IN MY PRAYERS everyday.
Second, we will continue to follow guidelines laid out by our government experts about meeting in person. I have seen a couple of churches in the news who have met in person – and what I want to say now is not to belittle their belief in God.
We have been discussing risk before this all unfolded. The risks Jesus took for God’s glory, and the risks we take in becoming Christian. Some of you may think that we are called to risk worshiping together so that we can worship God properly.
BUT – with this disease spreading like it is, hospitalizing and killing people – there is no glory in risking this just to meet in person. This is an unnecessary test of God’s faithfulness to God’s people and faithfulness to God. It is a *temporary* thing we are doing to protect our own selves and to serve our neighbor (by not helping to spread the virus and overload our healthcare system, potentially causing more deaths).
Please consider using our website for prerecorded worship, or other churches’ who so live streamed worship in our area – College Heights UMC, and First Lakeland UMC, for starters.
As the song goes: God be with you till we meet again (in person).

Will be recorded in parts and uploaded to our YouTube channel for Easter morning. We will burn DVDs to send to you who can’t access that.
We will do a love feast/communion liturgy TOGETHER at 11 A.M. EASTER MORNING as we follow along via the video.
I invite you to call me, text me, as you feel led (YOU ARE NOT BOTHERING ME, I PROMISE) with how you are doing, questions you have, prayers you’d like me to pray with you, anything at all. I love you, and Jeff and I miss you.
This month is about resurrection. I pray that this experience would resurrect in us a spirit of adaptability, and also drilling down in what it truly means to be the church – Jesus’ love in our action.
The early church had to adapt to trying circumstances in order to worship as one, in many places, in separate homes, in disconnected ways. While we wait to see each other face to face, I pray you would connect with people you haven’t before, and embrace this new, temporary way of being together.

Update on the Sirmons family:
Violet and Allison are home! They are doing so great, y’all! I love their squishy faces so much. William loves his little sisters. With Jeff working from home during the quarantine, I’ve had a little bit of extra help (sanity) transitioning to Twin Mom Life. We are all healthy, happy, and well loved – thank you for your prayers and well wishes and check-ups on our well-being.
Blessing to you all in this trying time.
Pastor Katie