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Pastor Katie Sirmons


Crystal Lake
United Methodist Church

Pastor Katie will be sharing more information with us in her June Newsletter article or before, but for now here is her personal announcement to us at CLUMC from her heart to ours…

This past Sunday, April 26, 2020 was announcement Sunday. I am able to share now with mixed emotions, that I will officially be leaving Crystal Lake UMC starting July 1.

I have been in prayer for awhile about what the next year will look like; what I am being called to do. This will be a good thing. I truly believe that every challenge I’ve had has helped me clarify my call and purpose this last year.

I love Crystal Lake UMC so much. You were my first permanent church and my home spiritually for five years. You supported me and my family in ways I will forever feel indebted to.

Staying home with the girls is not the only reason I decided to take a leave, though it certainly has a big impact. I feel that it’s the church’s time to branch out in new areas of ministry – ways that someone who has different gifts and abilities will be able to shepherd you into. I am so proud to pastor a church that seeks to be the heartbeat of their community to worship and glorify God. With a new set of eyes, I feel God will lead you to new places. I feel that it would be selfish for me to ask to stay so that I can keep you all to myself. I hope you embrace the next Pastor and start covering her in prayer now.

I am asking you all to pray for me and our family. Three kids – one income! Transition to stay at home mom is temporary but challenging I hear. For my next steps in ministry and our finding a new spiritual home, I hope they’re as awesome as you are.

Pastor Katie