Sunday Service @ 10:30 AM Logon to CLUMCinLakeland YouTube Channel
for our church

1. Logon to http://www.youtube.com via an Ipad, Kindle, Smart TV, mobile phone or computer
2. Click in the search icon and type: clumcinlakeland
3. Hit enter
This should take you to our channel and you can watch any of our prerecorded content.

Church Service-10:30am and
Adult Sunday School-9:00am
Sundays on church campus

Important Announcements

Mother’s Day Luncheon
Saturday, May 7th
12:30 pm

Covered Dish Dinner
Sunday, May 15th – following church service

Youth 5th Sunday Sub Fund Raiser
Order forms in bulletin on Sunday, May 22nd
Sandwiches ready for pickup on Sunday, May 29th

Ladies in Action
Women’s Center Outreach Project
Supplies are needed by May 25th
Needed: Hand sanitizer/Handi wipes; Soap (small size) and Wash cloth; small shampoo; deodorant (small size); Toothbrush and toothpaste (small size); Tampons and Panty Liners; Small Stuffed Animals; Small Toys; Children’s Books; Toddler Underwear (Boys and Girls); Laundry soap; Bleach; Dish Soap; Paper Towels; Toilet Paper; Tissues; Small Games; 409; Lysol Spray
Please bring items to church by May 25th

Bible Book Plates Fundraiser
Fundraising opportunity for the purchase of Bible Book Plates.
If you are interested in purchasing these book plates to the Glory of God or in memory or honor of someone for placement in our new pew Bibles in our sancturary. Please see Pat or Larry Burrell or email your interest to the church office. One book plate is $3 or Two for $5. This is a great way to remember and honor someone.

Pastor David Toombs and wife Debbie

“Brighten the corner where you are….”

Pastor’s Corner

In the name of the Lord, Greetings.

The month of April brings many new things. Days become longer and warmer. Showers are more frequent and heavier. The grounds become greener and flowers are blooming. Even major league sports are changing. Basketball and hockey give way to football. We, too, are indeed coming into a new season.

Change, it seems, is a matter of perspective. For some, change is an unwelcome visitor. One we put off for as long as possible. For others, change cannot come soon enough and is greeted with joy and the excitement of new beginnings. It would seem that each of us in varying times of life can identify with both.

This is the trepidation Debbie and I felt in moving from our home of thirty years in Margate to Lakeland. The joy to be closer to our three children, Derek, Devin, and Delaney with a touch of anxiety about all the unknown events that may or may not occur. In prayer and giving thanks we used this time of change to further our trust in God. To believe in the path to which He has called us. One that He has planned and was faithful to complete. A journey of faith that we now share with you.

Change of course is inevitable, but we do not have to fear it. Merely to believe in the promise of His Holy Word.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.” Proverbs 3: 5-6

This story is a good one because it is God’s story. One we will share as a testament to God’s faithfulness. As we begin a new story, with you, let us pledge to do this together. One in faith, one in fellowship, one in Christ.

Pastor David Toombs