Recent Sunday Service 9/04/2022

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Pastor David Toombs begins an new sermon series, Having a talk with Jesus. Todays message is titled Counting the cost. This first week of this “Having Words” series is a great time to remind ourselves of the commitment that we made to make and to be made into disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

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Pastor’s Corner

August certainly has lived up to expectations, rain, heat, humidity, and thunderstorms.  Everything we have come to know of the hottest month of a Central Florida Summer. We enter September with different expectations. 

September brings transitions. Changes in weather and lifestyle. From summer vacations to school reopening’s. Long Summer days to ever shortening daylight hours which leads to dryer and cooler outdoor air. As much as we enjoy the beginning of a Summer break, we are just as ready for the arrival of the coming Fall season.

And we recognize that we too are ready for the transitions that September will bring to our faith community. A greater focus on mission, service and worship. For membership growth and community involvement.

We also have an opportunity to glorify God in the celebration of our 60th anniversary on the 25th. This will indeed prove to be a grand celebration of God’s faithfulness. As we recall the church’s origins and honor both founding members and the ministers who have served the church through the years. 

As we celebrate the past, we will also commit ourselves to our present and future missions. We are an ever increasing forward moving church. Momentum is building in our hearts, and with prayer, sevice, and sacrifice we will follow a Spirit lead movement to build the kingdom of heaven in Crystal Lake.

With God’s help we are preparing for the next generation of Christ followers. Much has been accomplished in just a few short months. And we are scheduled to continue with the installation of new large screen sanctuary monitors, a contemporary worship series, and mission starts with SEU and Crystal Lake Elementary school as well as more focus on discipleship formation of our youth and children. All this, while preparations for our 60th are in full swing.   

Spiritually we start a short sermon series titled, Having conversations with Jesus. In it we will prayerfully consider these themes. Counting the Cost, Finding the Lost, Debts are tossed, and the Gulf is Crossed. Much has happened, and there is much to do. I encourage each of us to prayerfully consider how we may contribute in personal action or financial support of kingdom building initiatives. Find where God is working, then with both feet jump in. 

When we ask ourselves is it possible? The answer is anything and everything with God. In fact He is already at work.

Are you in? Let’s go!

As always blessings, (Your) Pastor David Toombs

“Brighten the corner where you are….”

Pastor David Toombs