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1. Logon to http://www.youtube.com via an Ipad, Kindle, Smart TV, mobile phone or computer
2. Click in the search icon and type: clumcinlakeland
3. Hit enter
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Church Service-10:30am and
Adult Sunday School-9:00am
are meeting again at our church.

Pastor Terry Knight

“Brighten the corner where you are….”

April 1, 2011

It’s Easter! We are blessed this year to begin the month of April with Holy Week and then Easter Sunday with communion and the season of Easter!

In the Season of Easter, we remember and celebrate the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ our Lord. As part of that remembrance, we continue to listen to the movement of the Holy Spirit in the Body of Christ in the same way that the early followers and converts became the “Church” that has changed the world.

God broke into the world through Jesus Christ. That breakthrough tore the veil in the temple; that breakthrough gave us a path into communion with the Triune God. We are part of the renewal of the world and have been make holy through Jesus.

For the time of Easter (this year it is April 4th – May 23rd), we will be following some of the journey of Peter and Paul as reported in the Acts and some of Paul’s letters. This journey has things to teach us about living together in a secular world as followers of Jesus.

As we follow this journey, we are praying, singing and listening to God, the Holy Spirit, as we continue to grow closer to Jesus.

Karen Ramsey will be preaching on the 1st Sunday after Easter as I will be on retreat. I will be back in the pulpit on the 18th.

Pastor Terry Knight